"Ayurveda is the knowledge of life, to live a vigorous and disease free life. Ayurveda treats man as a whole which is a combination of bone, mind and soul."

This study was under taken to find out the effect of selected Ayurvedic herbs via-Sandalwood, Manjistha and Neem on cotton and silk fabric with different mordants via- MgCl2 and Alum. Five variables of dyeing, namely dye extraction time, dyeing time, dyeing temperature, mordant concentration were optimized. Colour-fastness of dyed fabrics was assessed. Depth of shade and evenness of dye was also evaluated. It was found that optimum extraction time for dye was 30 min, optimum dyeing time 60-90min, optimum dyeing temperature was 100°C, Optimum mordant concentration was 10%. It was found that the color fastness properties of natural dyes showed average to very good fastness to excellent results with Alum in comparison to MgCl2. Cotton and Silk both fabrics showed very to average to very good fastness to sunlight and rubbing.


Color has plays an important role in human life since Stone Age to present silicon age. Color application not only improves surface appearance of the substrate but also expresses emotion and ideas of the wearer.

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About the Authors:

Ms. Shivi Rastogi & Ms. Manisha Rastogi are associated with the Home Science Department (Clothing & Textile), Banasthali University (Rajasthan).