In the present study entitled, "To compare different suiting fabrics and designing of stylish vests for executive class" in this an investigator was compare different suiting fabrics i.e. polyester, modal blend and cotton (65:35, 50:50, 100%) on the basis of different fabric parameters - thickness, weight, compactness, strength, crease recovery and stiffness. After compare these fabric parameters, she selects the best suitable fabrics & designing of vests were planned. For this, firstly through primary and secondary sources, sketching was done on paper and than with the help of questionnaire, a survey study was done to choose best suitable designs.

After find the best suitable designs, it was constructed with suitable fabrics and vests were prepared , now at last these vests were compare and weighted mean was calculated, basis on which vests were compared on the bases of color combination, marketability and overall. It was found that polyester blend fabric has more strength than modal blend fabric and cotton fabric, so that's why it is used as suiting fabric (commercially) and modal as shirting fabric. Modal blend is the lightest, finest and, compact fabric as compare to polyester and cotton fabric.

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