Clothes are our second skin, Man before civilization has been using the art of decorating fabrics which we wear and use for end number of purposes. Surface designs created on the fabrics as well as self woven designs is called textile Designing.


Textile design is the process of creating designs and structures for knitted, woven and non- woven fabrics. Textile designing involves producing patterns for cloth used in clothing, household textiles (such as towels) and decorative textiles such as carpets.

The textile industry in India comprises of the handloom, power loom and craft sectors to newer areas, like the paper and automobile industries.

Automotive textile deals with the fabric used in car interiors. A car company, designs the interiors of a car keeping certain aesthetics in mind. The brief then goes to the automotive textile company which creates a fabric as per the clients needs, for the seating of the car with the textile, and sends it to the car company.

Textile designers are the trained professionals having sound technical knowledge of every aspect of fabric manufacturing. They need to have deep understanding of fiber, yarn preparation process and textile construction methods. With advent of technology textile designing art is made easier by modern process as CAD/CAM technology.