Performance & Comparative Study of characteristics of organic cotton knitted fabric with regular cotton knitted fabric

The organic cotton which is produced without any chemical fertilizers and pesticides are playing vital role in creating harmless environment. An Investigation of the properties of weft knitted fabrics produced from organically made cotton vis-à-vis regular cotton knitted fabric is reported. The yarn is made with organically produced cotton and regular cotton and the fabric was knitted using single jersey machines. The fabrics were subsequently dyed using natural dyes. The naturally dyed knitted fabrics were examined for shrinkage, bursting strength, abrasion resistance, colour fastness properties. The result show that the knitted fabrics produced from organically grown cotton is superior in performance in comparing with fabrics produced from regular cotton.

1.     introduction

Cotton is the back bone of the world's textile trade. Since centuries the usage of cotton has been used for apparel purposes because of its well known advantages viz, ability to take up a wide range of dyestuff, low cost of production and comfort during wear. Cotton grown without the use of any synthetic chemicals i.e., pesticides, plant, growth regulators, defoliants and fertilizers is considered "organic" cotton, according to Doug Murray, Ph.D., a professor of sociology at Colorado state university.

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About the Author:

Karthikeyan M Ramasamy is an Expatriate Lecturer at the Dept. of Textile Engineering at Kombolcha Institute of Technology, Wollo University, Ethiopia.