2012 had been prolific for e-commerce. What does 2013 have in store for this trend?

Businesses today live in a challenging environment. Competition has become stiffer, and managing the complexities of competition is a hard nut to crack. Success or failure of a business is wholly dependent on its ability to adapt to the changes in the business landscape. Businesses were traditionally product oriented. As the business environment underwent drastic changes, and became more customer centric, managing customer relations became a key focus for every business. Innovative tools are used for maintaining and enhancing customer relations. Currently, digital technology is changing the rules of the retail game.

Business has the power of internet. It has embraced e-commerce, changed their business models, and strategies by integrating their processes with this technology. Speed is a crucial factor for any business, and organizations need to adapt with this. Time and speed can make or break a business, making it important to integrate their business with an E business platform so as to conduct their business activities at the speed of thought.

During 2012, sites were optimized, and personalized in a much better way offering a richer and more relevant online experience. Consumers who were earlier reluctant to buy online had developed a preference towards the same. As much as the trend developed in 2012, it holds rosy promises for 2013 as well.