What are the global market trends for cotton in 2013?

Cotton is an ancient fibre known for its versatility, natural comfort and performance. Cotton market is volatile like every other commodity market. Traders have to integrate bits of information regarding supply and demand, and compare the guesses of fellow traders before he pursues his estimates by promising to buy or sell. What are the current market trends, and what are the future predictions?

Cotton production likely to decline in 2013:

As per industry analysis, the year 2012 - 13 has been projected to decline in all major cotton producing countries. Compared to the year 2010 - 2011, global cotton production in 2012 - 13 is likely to decrease by 7% to 113.8 million bales, whereas, the harvested area is expected to be 33.9 million hectares and yields to 750 kg/hectare.

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