Training is a process of acquiring knowledge, skills, and attitude that are needed to fill the gap between what people want to do, and what they are able to do now. In order to teach a trainer how to train well, a learning by doing approach is best.

Cascade training is passing knowledge and skills to colleagues who work at different levels. In order to teach a trainer how to train well, a learning by doing approach is best.

Why is Training Required?

  • To enhance team building/leadership

  • Enriches knowledge

  • Impress the trainees

  • Reduce negativity

  • Problem solving

  • Self esteem , gain confidence

  • Goal setting.

  • Motivation

  • Emphasis on stress Management

  • Enhance Supervisor skill

  • Build internal capacity

  • Expression capacity / values

  • Relationship with floor level people

Making the Best Trainer

A good trainer should have thorough conception of the subject he/she is teaching. Communication between the speaker and the audience should be very clear. He / She should have knowledge of practical /industrial base/ down to the grass root. They should not be a mute speaker just to say do this, do that but capable to guide the trainees. The trainer is called a Guru and hence he should understand the type of shisya he/she is having and be able to train them with zeal. Learn the training schedule with an honest intention that both trainees and organization benefits

Trainers should establish a good relation with the students and for the same purpose; they should be friendly with the trainees and not scold them. Rather, they should guide them in the right direction. Any trainer needs immense patience to deal with the students as every person has a different capacity of grasping what is being taught. To make students understand in detail, the trainers should tell some stories, facts, incidences to make the matter more realistic. The trainer must have the charming personalities which attract the trainees.

One word or sentence should not be repeated many times by the trainer. It might create a negative effect. The trainer must not use any unparliamentarily language or any word which hurts any one. The trainer should show the way of discipline, punctuality and hard work which impresses the audience. The trainer must not take any alcohol, intoxication or smoke. The trainer must be a perfect gentleman

Traits of a Good Trainer

He / She should be a popular person by virtue of his behaviour and knowledge. The thoughts and periphery should not be limited within four walls but should be open to explore endless sides. Individual must not feel disturbed nor express unhappiness, if any trainee calls outside the class room. They must be a helpful person and try to help in whatever way possible. He/she should be a social man too. Must be an unbiased person and try to treat all the trainees in one angle. The trainers must have the moralities by which they deserve respect.


C:\Users\Swatimala\Downloads\training (1).jpgThe Training to the trainers is necessary time to time for the mental and Technical developments of the trainers. Just by telling do this, do that will not serve the purpose. The Trainers must have the solid knowledge with subject back ground in his field which can impress the trainees. They should have the capacity of leadership quality with hard working attitude. They themselves should be able to cite examples by showing the work and that can be passed to ground level people who are their trainees. Positive attitude, team building, decent behaviours are highly required for the Trainers who are the Guru to their disciples.