Bamboo is a cellulose fiber extracted or fabricated from natural bamboo and is made from the pulp of bamboo plants. Bamboo is also called as cash crop because time for the cultivation is less and it can be grown in impoverished regions. It is also effective in controlling soil remediation, erosion control, watershed protective and environmental greening.

A bamboo fiber resembles cotton in unspun form, a puffball of light, airy fibers. To make bamboo fibers, bamboo is heavily pulped until it separates into thin component threads of fiber, and they are further spun and died for weaving a fabric.


In mechanical ways of processing the machines are used to crush the woody parts of bamboo plant, natural enzymes are then used to break the bamboo into a mushy mass at which point the individual fibers are combed out and spun into a yarn, same as the process of Leninand the process is known as bamboo Lenin. This process is more labor intensive and costly so less popular than chemical extraction but due to less usage of chemicals it is environment friendly process. Due to which it is not widely available.

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