The study was undertaken by the investigator to add new and interesting ideas. This can break monotony and give a touch to novelty in designing shawls by using Ajanta and Ellora motifs through different technique. For this purpose 50 respondents were selected for evaluating the motifs based on rating scale and out of selected motifs, sketching was done on white sheet with pencil and colour. The four sketched designs were selected on the basis of five point rating scale finalized by 50 respondents. Rating scale was framed in such a way that highest means suggested the best or most preferred design sheet. After developed of prototype assessment was done and evaluated on the basis of criteria i.e. motifs, techniques, combination, overall aesthetic appeal, technique used. It was revealed from the data that the woolen shawls designed with Ajanta and Ellora motifs using different technique were appreciated by all the respondents. It was concluded that design of woolen shawls a successful innovation with respect of design, colour and combination. Thus we can reach the height of fashion ever by keeping our feet on traditional ground. It will serve two purposes, one is introduced of something new in the world of fashion and secondly it was help to brush off the dust from traditional art of India. It will enrich our culture heritage or Ajanta Ellora motifs.

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About the Author:

Ms. Shivi Rastogi and Ms. Ritu Sharma are associated with the Home Science Department, Clothing and Textile division at the Banasthali University, Rajasthan.