In a retail business it is essential, that the merchandise is displayed and presented in a manner, which is appealing and eye-catching. Only then will it draw the attention of the customers and persuade them to buy the products. Hence, in fashion retail trade visual display of goods can have a big impact on the sales and what can be a better option than mannequins to display ones products.

A perfect skin, ultra thin waist and long beautiful legs, they pop out from the windows of a shop. They tempt us to give a look while passing by the store. This is the world of mannequins. There are numerous methods to promote a brand and its sales. Mannequins are used as one of these methods to showcase the merchandise. The word mannequin is derived from a Dutch word 'manneken' which means 'small man'.

It is a model of human body used by retail store owners to display their merchandise. Retailers use various techniques to display their products so as to attract the potential buyers. Mannequins, help the retailers to draw the customers to their stores.

For a layman mannequins are dolls or dummies that showcase the latest trends of the store. They are important tools of retail business. They first communicate with the customers through visual merchandising. Displaying fashion apparels of the store is the first step to entice the probable customers to the store. Further, it gives free publicity of the store's collection. Retailers put up the best clothes on the mannequins to allure the customers to their stores.

It is a natural phenomenon that customers see the window display of the store first. The customer takes the decision to enter the store on the basis of the information he can gather from the window display. Mannequins add value to the merchandise. They draw attention to the collection of the shop and lure the customers to buy garments and thus generate income for the store.

Displaying is not the only purpose of mannequins. The customer should also understand the usage of the product. This is when the mannequins come to the help. Mannequins can give a complete understanding of the utility of the product. For example each occasion needs different clothes. Like sportswear is needed while playing games, bridal gown for wedding or a swimwear on a beach. Mannequins can effectively showcase which apparel to wear; when and how.


Since many years mannequins have been used as a valuable tool in apparel retail business. When the clothes are displayed at the store using the mannequins, the customer can analyze all the aspects of the garment before entering the store. If the mannequins are able to impress the customers with their beauty and the clothes they wear, it becomes very easy for the retailer to sell his merchandise.

When mannequins are such important tools of retail business, there are some points to be considered while selecting a mannequin. Firstly, they should not be heavy. Their shape and size should gel with the clothes they will drape. The clothes must be well fitted on the mannequin. They must look pretty and must not be dirty with stains. Lastly, the clothes should be changed at regular intervals and they must be relevant with the season and trends.

Moreover, mannequins are not only responsible to sell the clothes they wear but other products are also sold due to them. For example along with a dress, its accessories will be sold as they complement the dress very well. Mannequins display what kind of collection do the stores have and what can the store deliver to the customer. They sometimes become a guiding light to a particular area of the store as they are the most evident thing in a store.

Nowadays, mannequins have become an important aspect of the interior design of the store. They enhance the ambience and traits of the store. Moreover, the way the mannequins are dressed and presented tells what type of clothes and customers the store will accommodate. The faade of the mannequins must add the zest that customer looks for; in a store.

Mannequins are the creation of skilled sculptors who give life to them through their work. At present various types of mannequins with different postures are available in the market. In apparel business, mannequins in form of men, women and children are usually employed. Moreover, there are mannequins in form of head alone or headless or just the upper body. It can be used depending on the need of the retail store.

Mannequins which can be inflated are also found in the market. Using mannequins with glass eyes, expressive faces, real hair are in fashion. Apart from using wigs, hairstyles are also carved on the mannequins when they are made. Moreover, they are also available with different shades of skin. These effects and additions make the mannequins look and feel humanlike.


Furthermore, mannequins are also used to showcase jewellery, eyewear, footwear etc. In these situations, full mannequin is not required. For example only head can be used to display eyewear, earrings, nose rings. To display bangles and bracelets, hands are required, and footwear or anklets can be displayed by using only the feet.

Mannequins are of a great help for both the retailers and the customers. When any fashion trend or style is introduced, we can first see it on them. They are the ones who tell the people what products have arrived in which store. Retailers make sure to change the dress of the mannequins regularly and adorn with their latest collection. Today most of the stores use mannequins to create a particular atmosphere or give a certain feel to the store.

One can find a variety of options to select mannequins as per the need. They are strong and not very expensive. The female mannequins present female clothing very well and so do the male mannequins enhance the male garments.

Today mannequins play a prominent role in the retail apparel business. They have undoubtedly become effective and commanding tool to attract customers for retailers worldwide. They add great value to the products and growth of retail business.