Some textiles are manufactured for specific purposes and are called technical textiles. They are utilized because of their special properties and technical performance. These textiles are mainly used in fields like military, marine, industrial, medical, aerospace etc. The defense industry is largely dependent on these smart textiles for their various needs. Technical textiles are of great importance for the military.

The fabrics are custom made to protect the soldiers against extreme climatic conditions, sudden motions of the body and destructive nuclear or chemical reactions. Moreover, the usefulness of these technical textiles does not end here. The importance of these textiles has been widely recognized for boosting the performance of the fighters and saving their lives in the war.

There has been a substantial development and growth in this sector after the Second World War. Today, the advancement in the fabric technology has resulted into remarkable changes in the uniforms of the soldiers. The military uniform not only serves the purpose of protecting but has become an intrinsic part of their fighting kit.

Other than the uniforms and equipments used in defense, textiles are also used to manufacture parachutes, ropes, tents and safety harness. All these textiles put together are called 'Military textiles'. The new navy dress keeps the uniform white, wrinkle free and release soil. Besides, the marine dress trousers are made from fabrics that have microdenier fiber. It repels stains and the does not wrinkle even after prolonged use.

Nanotechnology is being used to manufacture uniforms in the defense industry. Using this technology such camouflage materials can be made that can transform the design and color according to the changes in the environment. Chameleonic camouflage has been developed that makes a soldier exactly resemble like the area where he is standing.

These textiles can also conceal the visibility of a person even in ultra violet and infra red rays from a particular distance. In addition, new technology fibers are developed using nanotechnology which can arouse the muscle power, which will give the soldier more strength in doing tough jobs. The zero porosity parachute fabric which has been introduced has an amazing capacity to perform with great efficiency and safety.

Such improvements have initiated further research so as to develop an ultimate uniform for the soldiers in the war. There are various tasks that military uniforms need to perform compared to the normal garments. The latest military uniforms are light weight, moisture absorbing, quick drying, stain resistant, and controls odor using the silver antimicrobial technology in the fabrics.