The present study was undertaken to study the occupational hazards and problems faced by the workers who were involved in leather product manufacturing work in Agra, Hing ki Mandi. A descriptive research design was planned using survey and questionnaire method. Purposive sampling method in combination with lottery method was adopted to select the sample of 10 leather product manufacturing units in Agra, sample also included 50 workers.

The result highlighted the fact that detrimental work practices in leather product manufacturing units without use of safety aids resulting in various types of physical, ergonomic and biological hazards. The major problem faced by the workers were back pain, finger pain, elbow pain, neck pain due to long working hours and poor working condition. Physical problems include headache, nausea also face by the workers involved in leather product manufacturing work. Sometimes problems related to skin also faced by the workers i.e. itching, cracks, and pimple acne due to the exposure of different types of chemicals.


Agra is popularly known for its leather footwear since the Mughal era. In the very olden days Agra was involved in leather product manufacturing work. The Agra leather cluster is mainly involved into the manufacturing of footwear. The Agra footwear cluster comprises approximately 5000 units (2003).

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