Today, consumers are demanding more and more value addition in the products. So the fibers need some techniques/methods of fiber processing which can be easily tried to convert them in a cleaned form. Bleaching of wool is carried out to clean and to remove yellowish tinch from the wool fibers. Seven methods of bleaching were tried on rambouillet wool to improve fiber whiteness. Best method of bleaching was selected on the basis of physical properties of rambouilllet wool fiber.

Wool is unique animal protein fiber and enjoys special position among textile fibers because of its unmatched properties of warmth, excellent resiliency, water repellency, flame retardency and superior compression recovery. Colors have more value in products and make it trendy. So, bleaching is required to remove natural coloring matter from wool. Its look, texture, handle and performance can be changed according to numerous applications including apparels, interiors, and industrial uses.

Dr. Alka Goel is a National Fellow Professor and Rashi Agarwald is SRF At Department of Clothing & Textiles, College of Home Science G.B.P.U. Ag. & T Pantnagar


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