bf3.jpgBamboo fibre is the new natural and eco-friendly textile material of the 21st century. Bamboo fabric is gaining popularity due to its exceptional properties, and is 100% biodegradable. It is said that "Bamboo fibre comes from nature, and returns to nature in the end".

Bamboo is a sustainable resource as it grows quickly in good conditions without using pesticides. Bamboo is not a wood but a grass. Therefore, unlike normal trees, it does not take decades to grow and mature. Within 4-5 years, it gets matured and ready for harvest. The matured bamboo is extraordinarily durable and strong. After harvest, the bamboos are taken to the mills.

Here, they are immersed in sodium hydroxide solution which dissolves the bamboo cellulose. In the next step, carbon disulfide is added and later fibres are drawn out from it. These fibres are cleaned, bleached and dried in the final step. This is how long, white and strong fibres are made from the bamboo pulp.

Properties of bamboo fabric

People find bamboo fabric very soft and light compared to other fabrics. This is because of its excellent properties which make it best suitable for textile manufacturing. Bamboo fabric almost feels like silk. The fabric is breathable and cool when worn. Also, it absorbs more water than the usual fibres like cotton and polyester.

As bamboo fibre is bestowed with the extraordinary properties, it has the strength of steel. The fibre has inherent shine and anti-bacterial properties. This property is maintained even when woven. Also, it prevents the buildup of static electricity compared to other fabrics.

It outshines other fabrics with its natural deodorizing property, to keep oneself odor free. It prevents abrasion, and is extremely permeable. The fabrics made from bamboo are tagged best quality; they meet all the yardsticks of quality standards.

The most important feature of bamboo fibre fabric is that it is environment friendly. It possesses hydroscopic properties as well. Even fabric made from bamboo fibres, mixed with cotton, has the same properties. Bamboo fibres look like cotton when not spun. Its light and airy.

Uses of bamboo fabric


Today, bamboo fabrics are used in many industries. This fabric is much in demand as it is soft, silky and looks like expensive fabric such as silk. Not only this, it is the right choice for people who are health conscious. Undoubtedly, bamboo fabric is best to manufacture intimate apparel garments. Its softness, bright colors, durability and luster complements the usage of the fabric for this purpose.