In this study, fabric in weft 'with accumulator' & 'without accumulator' is produced. The count of the weft and warp is same i.e. 2/40s for 'with accumulator' and 'without accumulator'. The effect of with & without accumulator on fabric properties is investigated. Finally, Crimp, drape, shrinkage, thickness, cover factor, busting strength, GSM & tensile properties of fabric studied. Results show that significant effect on crimp, drape, shrinkage, thickness, busting strength, GSM & cover factor.

Shuttle weaving technology is a great revolution that has occurred in terms of increased weft insertion rates, width of machine and quality of fabric woven. The conventional weaving operated with much lower weft insertion rates of 300m/min and the weft package in the form of pirn formed an integral part of shuttle

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