Garments are in direct contact with body so development of antimicrobial textile finish is highly indispensable & relevant. Inherent properties of textile fibres provide room for growth of micro-organisms. Structure of substrates & chemical processes may induce growth of microbes. Consumers are aware of hygienic life style & there is necessity of textile product with antimicrobial properties. Antibacterial fibres available in market are from synthetic base & not environment friendly.

Herbs are abundantly available in nature, non-toxic and are cheap. Extracts from plant parts such as roots, leaves, flowers and seeds exhibit antibacterial properties. Due to their eco-friendly nature herbal finishes are gaining significant momentum. These antibacterial extracts can be used as textile finishing agents in solvent form or micro-encapsules to enhance the durability and controlled release of the extracts. This finish is applied in such a way that appearance and feel of the fabric is not changed and no chemical odour remains. These are applied to textile materials for two purposes as to protect the wearer and the cotton fabric itself.


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