Dont you just love jeans? It doesnt matter what size, shape or height you are there will always be a particular style or design of jeans that just suit you.

Shoes kind of work this way too. Some shoes will suit you, others wont, and it all comes down to the shape of your body, length and shape of your legs and ankles, size and shape of your feet and so on.

You might find that there are actually more styles of jeans that will suit you if you choose the right shoes to wear with them.

There are a few simple golden rules to follow with shoes and jeans. Get this match perfect and youll be amazed at how different you look.

Golden Rule Number One

Whether you are choosing boots or shoes, your jeans should always fall to the bottom of the heel. If they are flat the same applies, just to the bottom of the heel. If your jeans sit mid way on your heels or above the flat of the shoe you will actually make your legs appear far shorter than they actually are. The overall look will appear somewhat odd because the hem of the leg stops before the shoe heel does.

The next time you are out and about put this theory to the test. Look at women wearing jeans and find someone whose jeans fall short of the bottom of their heel or shoe. Then find someone whose jeans fall to the bottom of the heel or shoe. Youll see the difference yourself.

Golden Rule Number Two

Ballerina flats are very in this year and celebrities such as Kate Moss and Sienna Miller have set the craze for skinny jeans with flat shoes. This does indeed work very well. If that is you have the legs and the feet for it. There are only two things you need to pull this look off. These are: the legs for skinny jeans and relatively proportioned feet. If you have large feet skinny jeans will make them look larger. If you feel your legs arent right for skinny jeans or your feet are bigger than average avoid this look. There are lots more that will suit you better.

Golden Rule Number Three

Boot cut jeans look fabulous with any heeled shoe. Remember Golden Rule Number One though! If you want your legs to appear longer you should choose a shoe that has a longer pointed toe. This creates added length and really works well with boot cut jeans.

Golden Rule Number Four

High heels just dont work with flared jeans. There are lots of styles of flared jeans. They are usually hipster or have a low rise and fit well at the top, flaring out from the thighs. These jeans do look good with a wedged or platform heel, flat boots such as Timberland or Rockport style, sneakers [trainers/tennis shoes] or flat shoes.

Golden Rule Number Five

Skinny jeans were meant for knee high boots. The great thing about knee high boots is you dont just have to wear them in winter. They are a great accessory for spring or when the weather is not too hot and they look great with skinny jeans. It doesnt matter whether your legs are short because the boot itself adds length to your legs. Opting for a heel will also make your legs appear slimmer than they actually are.

Golden Rule Number Six

Of all the jean styles, Capris, knee length or shorter jeans look good with lots of shoe styles. Wedge heels are once again taking the footwear fashion scene by storm and are one of the best shoes to choose if you are wearing Capris or shorter jeans. They add height and a wedge heel gives a casual chic look. This year footwear themes include lots of detail so choose something with ties or straps, beads and other ornamentation. If you want to go for a more glamorous look, choose a heel. Heels work well with shorter jeans. You can also wear any style of flat shoe with this jeans style.

Golden Rule Number Seven

Turn up jeans or shorter jeans have been in fashion for quite a while now. As mentioned in Rule Number Six, they look good with lots of shoes. However, never wear this style of jeans with ankle boots or boots that sit below the hem of the jeans. Quite simply it looks ridiculous.

Golden Rule Number Eight

If you wear straight legged or high waist jeans I would always recommend opting for a heel of some kind. The problem with straight legged jeans is they dont compliment body shape very well. A wider leg will draw the eye away from the thighs for instance creating a slimmer look. Straight legs with high waist accentuate all the parts of a womans body we usually try to hide i.e. waist, hips, thighs. If you do wear straight or high waist jeans choose a kitten or Sabrina heel. These are usually only 2-3 inches in height and work well with this style of jeans. Avoid wearing flat shoes because you will make yourself look like a big letter L and do nothing to flatter your legs.

Golden Rule Number Nine

Think about your belt!! There is nothing worse than someone wearing a gorgeous pair of jeans with the perfect pair of shoes and then making an ill match with the belt. It can sometimes be pretty hard to find a belt that matches the shade of shoe you are wearing. Unless you get that match perfect dont wear it. Look at your outfit, the shade of the jeans and the colour of your shoes. Think about a colour that will bring that together. It might be a colour that is detailed in the shoe, your top or the jeans so choose a belt that blends your outfit rather than tries to match it. A belt that doesnt match anything you are wearing can also work really well. Just choose a colour that works! As an example you are wearing light blue jeans, white top and white shoes. You could choose a gold belt or silver belt that would really bring out the colour of your jeans and offset the white.

Golden Rule Number Ten

Exactly the same as Number Nine but apply to your handbag!

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