The fabric is most important consideration in designing of garment. It affects both style and function. The same style will not look the same in different fabrics. Hand of fabric influences its use. Attributes like stiffness or limpness, hardness and softness, roughness or smoothness all taken together determine hand of fabric. A great variety of fabrics are available in the market which are created by manufacturers by combining pure or blended fibers, different yarn structure, fabric structure, and by application of finishes in unlimited ways.

Ultimate appearance of any garment is influenced by compatibility of fabric hand with the desired garment structure. Not all fabrics are suitable for all garment style. Generally final results are best when the innate character of the fabric is compatible with the styling of the garment. The fabric must be capable of supporting the garment silhouette and the shapes within.

Matty fabric is a medium weight fabric which is traditionally used for household articles like cushion covers, sofa covers, table covers and bed covers etc.

Matty fabric is manufactured using 100% cotton, 100% polyester or blend of polyester and viscose. These fabrics are available at market leading prices in different patterns and colors. The entire range of these matty fabrics is widely acclaimed due to their following features: high durability, high degree of color fastness, and minimum color variation in shades, comfortable nature, anti pilling and shrink resistance.

A project work was undertaken to explore the possibilities of creating variety of garments in matty fabric.

Varieties of dresses are worn by people especially women of different countries. The dressing style of people from different periods and of different regions presents vital clue to their social and economic condition, their moods and tastes, their aesthetic temper, their love for beauty and refinement, their art and skills to adjust to the material and geographical environment.

Variety in dress has resulted from manufacturers response to changes in our habits and roles and the increase in consumer purchasing power. Clothing is now available for all occasions and lifestyles.