Sporting Goods:

Running shoes, tennis racquets, golf balls, skin creams, and a range other sporting goods have also been enhanced by nanotechnology. As well as developing textiles to withstand extreme environments, scientists have looked to naturally existing viral nano particles that live in some of the harshest environments on earth, for new building blocks for nanotechnology. A garment that senses their surroundings and interacts with the wearer is an area of considerable interest. Such textile-based nano sensors could provide a personalized healthcare system, monitoring your vital signs as you run up a hill or responding to changes in the weather.

Flexible Electronic Circuits:

Nano ribbons form the basis for the chips which are so flexible they can wrap around the edge of a microscope cover slip and so stretchable they can be twisted into a corkscrew. The researchers are focusing applications development in the healthcare industry and believe these tiny, flexible electronic sheets could one day be used to line the brain to monitor activity in patients at risk of epilepsy or be integrated into surgical gloves to monitor a patients vital signs during surgery.

Lifestyle Applications:

Perhaps surprisingly the earliest commercialized applications of nanotechnology are seen in lifestyle applications. Textile and cosmetics are among the first products to use nano materials. The examples of nanotechnology materials and technologies in lifestyle application are bullet proof vests. Nanotube fibers are used to make a material seventeen times tougher than the Kevlar. Future developments are to use nanotechnology to create Smart and Interactive Textiles (SMIT) that can sense electrical, thermal, chemical, magnetic, or other stimuli.

Application in properties of textile material:

The properties imparted to textiles using nanotechnology include water repellence, soil resistance, wrinkle resistance, anti-bacteria, anti-static and UV-protection, flame retardation, improvement of dye ability, Self-cleaning fabrics and so on. Among them important applications are described shortly.