Like various things that we use in daily routine, garments can also last for an extended period of time, if simple precautions are taken during the manufacturing. If the clothes have some problems, it doesn't necessarily mean they will look worse or fit worse. However, one of the problems that can make an amazing garment look appalling is of fabric shrinkage. In absence of proper shrinking, fabrics cannot be used to make garments. In fact preshrinking is a step that must not be missed at any cost. Preshrinking reduces the residual shrinkage to a much lower percentage, even if it cannot completely eliminate shrinkage.

Depending on the material used in the fabric, preshrinking process can reduce the shrinkage. In case of cotton, preshrinking can generally take away 8-10 percent shrinkage, leaving about 5-6 percent of the same. If a good job is done on the fabric, it may bring down the shrinking to 4 percent, which is accepted in the trade.

In certain fabrics like rayon, normal preshrinking process cannot bring the shrinkage down by itself. It is a natural tendency of rayon to shrink each time it is washed. That is why the method of resin finish is applied to control the shrinkage. Resin finish is to stabilize the fibre to make it shrinkage and crease resistant. It is usually applied on cent percent cotton fabrics or cent percent rayon woven fabrics because shrinkage of these fabrics can go out of control.

In some cases dry cleaning is recommended by the manufacturers on the care label to avoid any shrinkage. However these methods are not satisfactory because when resin is applied to the fabric, it reduces the residual shrinkage, but it leaves the fabric less soft. Besides when the resin is washed away in a few washing, the problem of shrinking starts again. Apart from resin procedure, usually dry cleaning is recommended, which is very expensive. This has encourage the garment buyers, to use garment wash in order to get rid of the shrinkage and at the same time get a washed look on the garment which is desirable.

A novel method known as beater method is also being employed by the industries to control shrinking. Beater method has been formulated to pre-shrink the fabric starting from desiring and bleaching. After application of beater method, the normal pre-shrinking process can be applied to control the residual shrinkage. This can lessen the shrinkage by about 5-6 percent which is an acceptable level.