Personnel grooming and etiquettes in textile retailing:

Mans apparel work like a preliminary round in every interview and confidence at every stage of his life. Today employees are spending more time at work place than at homes. Theres no doubt that focus on looks, apparels, etiquette and mannerisms have interestingly taken a front seat in every business unit. So out of the 8 Ms of management, (man, money, market, material, machines, management, mind power, mannerisms) management of manpower is proving to be a greatest challenge. Also, let us say that a man can be judged by his mannerisms, his attire which is largely reflecting from his apparels. Mannerisms of a man can be reformed, refined and re-defined with his apparels which make him, composed, sophisticated and elegant in his outlooks.

Frankly speaking, a person with basic attitudes can overcome every hurdle and live up to his personal and organizational objectives. The personal qualities cater a lot in Apparel Retailing. They are:

Composed behavior



Emotional intelligence


An employee has to handle many tasks, withstand pressure and maintain tolerance. He has to carry many things along with the productivity and profitability of a company. So the role of an Apparel RM is constantly changing and evolving along with enhanced focus on technical and managerial capabilities. Steering a managerial post is no longer limited to day to day functioning and achieving targeted financial profits. It is surely going to be a daily challenge, convincing and satisfying day to day human conflicts at the work place. They are the leverages that can balance technology, trendy designs, ever changing life styles and attitudes.

So todays companies are no longer looking at profitability alone. They are aspiring to create a second home to all its employees. This is possible only with well charged basic attitudes. This is a magnificent task, possible only with proper employee morale. A fat pay cheque, air-conditioned work place and other comfortable amenities can satisfy employee only to a certain levels. The rest without any argument depends on his attire and its reflections.

Apparels no doubt silently portray ones confidence along with his expertise in solving business problems, providing technical solutions. It also enables one to balance accounts, increase profitability, face dynamic market challenges and make strategic decisions. It allows one to combine technical, business and communication talents to achieve the set targets. Obviously, Mans Apparels work like a preliminary round in every interview and confidence at every phase of his life.