The retail houses often outline the customer service as one of the biggest challenges for the business. Effective communication and competent services can lead to strong customer relationship, winning customer loyalty for the retail houses. But at a time when tastes, trends and dynamics change much faster, in order to improve the communication with customers and understanding their behaviour, retail stores need more than a friendly staff. Today, introducing technology in business has become unavoidable and the role of technology in giving prompt services to consumers has become more vital to almost all the aspects of a business.

Communication is also not limited to advertisements, newsletters, mobile messages and social media; it has acquired a more defined form and technology has to be updated to ensure that the retailers know a lot more about their prospective customers. For this, the retail apparel stores are increasingly relying on the mobile retail analytics to extend best services and provide ease of shopping to the customers.

This simple technology of mobile retail analytics is based on presumption that most of the shoppers today carry mobile phones. The stores receive signals from the mobile devices that are near their vicinity and when the mobile user switches on the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the stores can get the individually assigned MAC address of the user. With this unique MAC address, the retail apparel stores can find out the number of customers present in the store and people nearby the location.

For example, the stores can use the help of third party vendors, by sending them the store tracking data. The data will be then analysed on online dashboards, providing actionable information specifically designed for each hierarchy level from employees and store manager to top executives. This information can improve the customer service by ensuring that the number of employees is in proportion to the number of shoppers in the store. This will in turn make the shopping experience of the buyers smooth and hassle free. Also, the waiting time at payment counters or customer service desk can be reduced and the stores can also find out when the shoppers' rush is highest.


Apart from giving an accurate data regarding the number of customers in the store, these applications can also help the apparel stores collect data about the number of people the store managed to attract from the near-by traffic. It is also easier to compare the number of staff personnel with the number of shoppers. It can help the apparel stores in identifying the need to hire more staff or shift the staff to the other chains where the staff is deficient in comparison to the customer rush.