The increase in the demand for lifestyle products, apparel and footwear as the economy booms as well as the increasingly rising fashion awareness results in the growing market for zippers-SBS Zipper.

A zipper, essentially a device that is used to close or fasten outfits, bags, tents and a number of other things made of fabrics, is available in various types. Different kinds of zippers have been introduced for diverse applications, making them a seamless as well as a useful part of an outfit.

Types of zippers

While apparel manufacturers and designers, be it established or new, are spoilt for choice when it comes to zippers, they may have to do some research regarding the zippers that suit their garments the best. In order to provide a comprehensive view of the various options available in the market, we have listed the broad categories of zippers below.

1. Metal zip

The binding edges of a zipper that consists of individual metal pieces moulded into a particular shape and placed on a zipper tape at regular intervals is called a metal zip. They are essentially used in denim jeans and jackets, leather garments, shoes, bags, workwear, heavy duty garments and luggage among other things.