Garment washing processes can cause severe damages to zippers. Avoiding common mistakes and taking certain important measures can help prevent these damages.


Different types of technologies are used in garment washing to achieve specific purposes such as smoothness, brightness, softness, aged or faded look, outlook modifications and more. These processes differ from the normal washing procedure that depends on factors like washing temperature and time, quantity of the detergent used and more.


The main kinds of garment washing techniques are:


Bleach Wash

Bleach washing is carried out to achieve the colour fading effect and is usually meant for garments dyed with direct or reactive dyes. Oxygen Bleaching, a type of bleach washing technique, produces whitening and faded effect with the oxidation of aquae hydrogenii dioxide under specific temperature and PH value to destruct the dye structures. Chlorine Bleaching can also be used to achieve the faded look with oxidising sodium hypochlorite to destruct the dye structures.


Enzyme Wash

Enzyme wash is another technique meant for denim, jeans and other heavy fabrics. It makes use of cellulose enzyme under specific temperature and PH value for degrading the fibre structures to gently remove colour and get a peached and soft effect.


Stone Wash

A popular washing technique, stone washing is usually applied to heavy fabrics like denim and jeans. Essentially used for getting the worn-out or aged look, the washing technique could have some adverse effects on the garment. It could result in irregular colour fading or even garment shrinkage among other things.


Monkey Wash

This is another type of wash that produces the fading effect. It involves the usage of potassium hypermanganate in combination with oxalic acid.


Sand Wash

Meant to achieve the aged or faded look, sand wash is carried out using basic and oxidising auxiliaries. Softening agents are added during this wash to help maintain the comfort and softness of fabrics.


Protecting zippers during garment wash

If utmost care isn't taken while garment washing, zippers can end up being damaged. This could reduce their service life, even if they have been made using high quality materials.