Want to see that special someone's eyes light up? Give jewelry for a present.

Fine jewelry can sound like an intimidating gift to give. There's so much to know, both about the person you're giving it to and the jewelry you are buying. You want to get good value for your money while finding something that will be worn regularly.

One trick is to look at what he or she wears regularly. Any favorite jewelry? Favorite colors? Trendy or conservative style? Any hobbies or interests? You want to focus on the things you already know.

Let's start with an example. You're a man buying a gift for his wife. Married 10 years, 2 kids. She wears very simple jewelry, mostly gold and diamonds. Here are a few suggestions:

* A 3-stone diamond pendant, earrings or ring. These are very popular right now. * A mother's ring. While it's probably going to be more colorful than what she normally wears, a mother's ring is a beautiful way for her to celebrate being a mother. * A right hand ring. These are diamond rings that are intended for the right hand. They're quite popular right now and available in a nice range of styles.

Here's another example. You've been dating a woman for a while, not ready to get engaged yet, but would like to buy her some jewelry. She's very trendy, loves to wear bright colors and seems to wear a different piece of jewelry every day.

* Dangling gemstone earrings. Pick the color based on what you think would look good on her. Briolettes are popular in dangling earrings right now. It's a cut of gemstone that looks quite lovely hanging down.

* A watch. Find a watch that suits her style. If she wears more delicate jewelry, one with a thinner strap is appropriate. If she prefers larger jewelry, she will probably prefer a larger watch.

* No rings! If you aren't ready to propose marriage, don't confuse things even with a gemstone ring. I've seen those get misinterpreted. Definitely, DEFINITELY do not buy a diamond ring if you aren't proposing.

Guys, I'm not forgetting that women sometimes shop for you, so here goes. You want to get the man in your life some jewelry. Like most men, he tends to wear very little jewelry, and what he does is most often functional, like his watch and maybe one ring.

* A dress watch. Get him something for your more elegant evenings out. * A heavy chain bracelet or necklace. Figaro links are quite popular with men. I suggest at least 5mm thick for most men. * A birthstone ring. This really isn't as popular as the first two suggestions, but on the other hand it means it is less expected. It's a way to give a little color.

Fine jewelry is a gift meant to last a lifetime. While some people have a very hard time finding the perfect item to give, it doesn't have to be as impossible as some feel it might be. The look of delight you are likely to get should make the challenge of shopping worth the time.

About the Author:

Stephanie Foster spent six years working in a jewelry store, but has since started running sites such as http://www.jewelstoremember.com/. Her site offers mother's rings and more jewelry.

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