Few machines are as critical in a modern spinning mill as the roving frame. Building a solid and reliable roving frame is not easy. Yet, it is absolutely necessary for the spinner as this machine can feed, depending on the count being produced, thousands of spindles at the spinning frames, says Marzoli.


Marzoli is the only European manufacturer of the full line of machines for spinning of short staple fibres. With over 150 roving frames sold every year worldwide, it is a reliable option for those looking for tried and tested technology. Its FT6E and FT7E represent a state-of-the-art solution, yielding the best results for efficiency, reliability and quality.


Drive system

1.jpgThe FT6E and FT7E are driven by independent drives for the drafting system, the flyers, the spindles and the bobbin rail. Every drive is coordinated by the central CPU which ensures perfect synchronisation of all movements involved in bobbin formation.


The spindles drive is a group drive where motion is transmitted through toothed belts. In traditional machines, spindles are moved by one motor which, through a long shaft, transmits motion to bevel gears which drive pulleys that drive belts which ultimately make spindles rotate. A group drive allows to simplify this transmission system. The drive comprises several motors, each one driving a limited number of spindles. Each motor, through a pulley, drives toothed belts which transmit motion directly to the spindles. Shafts, gear boxes and bevel gears are eliminated.


Therefore, it is possible to:

- reduce maintenance costs since fewer transmission components are needed and lubrication is no longer required

- reduce noise

- reduce vibrations since lower mechanical transmission entails lower wear of transmission components and therefore lower vibrations. This enables the machine to work at higher speeds.

- increase transmission efficiency because the transmission system comprises only a pulley and toothed belts. There are no shafts and no bevel gears. This reduces energy consumption.


Drafting system

Marzoli roving frames can be equipped with a 3-over-3 or 4-over-4 top-of-the-class drafting system. There are two options for the cylinder diameters. The standard solution has a diameter of 32mm; however, in case there is a high percentage of short fibres in the processed material, cylinders with a diameter of 27mm can be used to reduce the gauge between nipping points. This guarantees better control of short fibres during draft.