Fashion trends come and go, but it is interesting to see how zippers have set a place in the industry.


Unlike in the past where zippers were mostly used for fastening, today they are setting trends in the fashion world and making style statements. Zippers are no more just a fastening element. With a variety of fashion zippers available in different sizes, textures and colours in the market, the wearers get an opportunity to make bold fashion statements. These simple accessories can be something that you can flaunt with elegance. Exposed zippers are one of the zipper designs that have become the trend in the fashion industry. Few years ago, it was even difficult to imagine something as small as zippers making bold style statements.


As the first zipper company that held the zipper-themed fashion show in the world, SBS Zipper has been sharing the zipper fashion trend biannually, covering the Spring/Summer (S/S) Collection and Fall/Winter (F/W) Collection. We are very pleased to announce that SBS Zipper Fashion Trend Catalogue Spring/Summer 2018 is available now, thanks to the efforts of our outstanding Fashion Design Team and R&D Team.


Below are parts of the top trends and styles you can expect from our S/S 2018 zipper collections.


Waterproof Zipper Collections

Waterproof zippers are best suited for swim suits, summer beach bags and raincoats as the interior will stay dry without damaging its appeal. The S/S 2018 zipper collections will provide unique range of zippers that present a brand-new design, an amalgamation of water resistance and reflective effect and an impressive combination of functionality and aesthetics.


Footwear Zipper Collections

Footwear zippers are also in fashion today. These zippers are amazing and the versatile design works whether paired with a casual throw-on or a formal ensemble.


On the one hand, metal zippers installed in footwear give an elegant and classic look. On the other hand, coil zippers which are impressively lightweight and durable due to the fabrication material are exceptionally suitable for practical designs, ranging from the turning and curving openings to those applications that are subjected to demanding horizontal strength. Fashion shows are models of creating head-turning style statement by incorporating such shoe collections.


With the increasing awareness of masculine sprit, the footwear industry has been undergoing changes as well. You can expect that more masculinity and simplicity are integrated into the zipper designs throughout the S/S 2018 collections.


Two Way Zipper Collections

Two way zippers are a boon to the wearers. These kinds of zippers are also known as a double or a dual. The specialty of such zippers is that they can be operated in two different directions at the same time. Milan Men's Fashion Week F/W 2017/18 has once again demonstrated the increasing popularity of two way zippers.


Whether you are an avant-garde fashion designer or a fashion enthusiast, you should not miss out on our Zipper Fashion Trend Spring/Summer 2018. You can download the full catalogue for free to get access to more zipper design collections for the coming spring and summer seasons.