A slider is used to join or separate the zipper elements when it is moved up or down the chain. It is mainly made up of the slider body/cramper/pull tab/crown/, etc.


There are numerous zipper varieties available in the market. However, these zippers will not work well if the sliders are not installed properly.


Fortunately, there are several smart ways to identify various types of zipper sliders easily. We hope these tricks can be useful while you are purchasing zippers and sliders from different manufacturers and providers.


It is very easy to distinguish the sliders for coil zippers from those for plastic and metal zippers. This can be identified from the below images at (1) and (2). The 2 parts are asymmetrical for the sliders used for coil zippers, displaying a flatter side. But at the same time, the same parts are symmetrical for the sliders used for both plastic as well as metal zippers.


There is some similarity between the sliders for plastic zippers and metal zippers, though both zipper types can be differentiated easily based on the teeth material. However, there is still a brilliant way to tell the 2 types of zipper sliders. The difference can be identified from the images below at (3).


This part displays a Diamond structure for the sliders used for metal zippers while it presents an Ellipse structure for the sliders used for plastic zippers.


1. Sliders for coil zippers

As presented in the below image, the top side (1) and bottom side (2) are asymmetrical, having a flatter top side compared to the bottom side.


2. Sliders for plastic zippers

In this type, the top side (1) and the bottom side (2) are symmetrical, having an Ellipse structure at (3).


3. Sliders for metal zippers

As seen in the image, the top side (1) and bottom side (2) are symmetrical here, having a Diamond structure at (3).


As a top zipper slider manufacturer and provider, we offer zipper sliders in various sizes, depending on the end-usage and requirement of the customer. The below table describes about the regular sizes of the sliders available currently that are manufactured and provided by us.