The global market for zippers is projected to reach US $13.7 billion by 2020, driven by the strong production and sales of apparel, luggage, and footwear due to the growth in GDP, change in lifestyles, rising standard of living, etc.

With the rising demand of metal zippers in the clothing industry, importance of waterproof zippers, popularity of personalized zipper pullers, along with increase in fashion consciousness, boom in branded garments, etc., the zipper market across the globe has led to competition in a cutthroat manner in the world with key players from China.

Too many superpower firms have found themselves head to head in a rivalry that is impacting the supply chain of most major fashion brands. The zipper market around the globe is highly scrappy and the competition is mainly due to the zipper quality, cost and innovation. Innovation in the mechanical design as well as functionality of zippers, in particular, can be considered as one of the top reasons to the rivalries of the firms in the zipper market.

In this post, we will have a brief idea about the top 10 zipper brands in China here, which make up the top Asia rival teams in the global zipper market, including SBS Zipper, YKK, SAB, 3F, KEE, YCC, HSD, YQQ, AAK and HOK.

Established in 1984, SBS Zipper was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2006. With 5 large manufacturing bases and powerful R&D strength, the company provides one-stop service and supplies a variety of zippers and accessories, which include but are not limited to metal zippers, plastic zippers, coil zippers, zipper sliders, zipper pulls, zipper chains, buttons, etc. SBS Zipper has been the largest zipper factory in China and the second largest zipper manufacturer worldwide by volume over the past decade.

The YKK Group, one of the renowned and the largest zipper manufacturers, is a Japanese group of manufacturing company. It is well known for making zippers despite being the manufacturer of fastening products, architectural products and various industrial machinery for more than 75 years. But with the establishment of its rival firm SBS Zipper, the company is now also set in China.

SAB, a brand of WeiXing Co., Ltd. since its establishment in 1976 is also one of leading manufacturers of buttons and zippers in China. SAB provides various garment accessories with advanced manufacturing, fashion design and service commitment.

3F Fuxing Group is also one of the leaders in the Chinese zipper industry. The firm has been supported by the National, Provincial as well as Jinjiang Municipal Committees, along with Governments and Trade Unions. Fuxing Group has now expanded itself into a zipper company with 4 branches that integrates R&D, manufacturing and sales of zippers, zipper accessories and zipper machines.

KEE Holdings Company Limited is again zipper manufacturing firm established in Foshan city of China in 1992 by Xu Xipeng and Xu Xinan. The company specializes in the design, development and production of zippers.

Established in 1995 with its headquarters located in Shanghai, YCC is also one of the fastest growing zipper manufacturers globally. YCC with a unique advantage in the world market due to leadership team, has a balance of Eastern and Western style skills.


HSD (Hua Sheng Da Zipper Co. Limited) is also a zipper manufacturing company established in 2001 in the Shenzhen city of China by Mr. Huang Shi Hua. The integrated production management of zippers by HSD includes tape/teeth production, processing & testing of plastic/nylon/metal zippers, dyeing, painting, plating, etc.

YQQ brand zipper serial products are produced by Wenzhou Great Wall Zipper Group Co., Ltd. established in 1995. It is one of the famous zipper brands in China. The brand specialises in the production of metal, nylon and injection molding zipper products.

AAK is a zipper brand founded by the Chinese firm Guangdong Haihua Zipper Co., Ltd. in 1990, with product development, production as well as trade. With a specialization in the production and operation of various zippers, the company is now one of the famous zipper brands in China, like rest of the zipper manufacturing firms.

Huifeng Corporation Ltd. which was established in 1983 is a shareholding enterprise engaged in the design, development and production and trade of its HOK brand zipper products. Equipped with advanced technical equipment, professional experts as well as technology, HOK also produces all types of zippers.


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