The summer home ought to announce the season through pastel hues, nominal prints and organic fabric, says Sonam Gupta.

This year, home decor for summer follows tradition, but with a twist. This summer, there is a stunning array of home decor furnishings that reflect comfort, trendy lifestyles, lavishness and sophistication. Classic summery colours are now on organic cloth with designs inspired from the season.

Every summer, nature dresses up with flowers that refresh. Inspired by this, fashion experts have crafted a new assortment of textile furnishings that aptly puts forth seasonal flowers in all their glory. This year, soft furnishings in the Spring/Summer collection reflect the essence of the season with the floral theme in all fabric decor.

Echoing the season's celebrations, these furnishings use a single floral pattern at a time. Threaded in cotton, these interior furnishings are skin-affable, environment-friendly, easy to maintain and hard to resist. Cotton is the best material this season for its varied qualities. Not only does it absorb moisture, it has good strength, retains colours, is machine washable, easy to sew and print, and looks rich.

Sheets, beddings, quilts, pillow cases, tube pillow covers and bed covers are designed to capture the splendour of the season. They create a cool, pleasant ambience and freshen up the place. This year, colours like fuchsia, wisteria, lavender pink, brink pink, coral pink, lime green, neon green, tomato orange, peach, coral orange and electric blue adorn linen and cotton fabrics. Several combinations in watermarked hues are aligned together for a new, alluring and captivating look.

Some furnishing sets include negligible stripes and minute checks that go well with the focal design. To avoid the flowers looking too heavy on sheets, the designs are carefully positioned to maintain grandeur through minimalism. This keeps the collection light and lucid and allows it to merge with existing decor pieces to create a subtle look. Too many arty products can ruin the show. So, follow the rule of simplicity and avoid cluttering different trends. This will make the home look rich, fashionable and elegant.

Adding whites, beige or cream curtains will sum up the look. Steer clear of too many colours. Place the same natural flowers in the room for stunning effect. Be creative and let the flowers spread their fragrance and beauty. Bring nature's opulence indoors to celebrate its existence in our lives.

About the author:

Sonam Gupta is design head at Tangerine. She is a textile design graduate from the National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad and a fashion design graduate from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT).