Nylon coil zippers are the ones whose teeth are made up of coiled monofilament. They are further classified into the ones with cord and without cord, along with concealed zippers.

Depending on the material used for manufacturing the top and bottom stops including the insert box and pin, these zippers are again classified into:

  •  finished nylon coil zippers

  • nylon coil zippers with plastic top and bottom stops

As the name suggests, these top and bottom stops are made with plastics. The basic material used for these stops is the same as the one used for producing plastic zipper teeth which is POM. This is different from PET that is the basic material used for making nylon coil zipper teeth.


These zippers with plastic stops are again categorised similar to rest of the zipper types:

1. Gauge

2. Position of slider and teeth

3. Location of insert box/pin

4. Open end/closed end

5. Top stop

Purchasing Guideline

Certain care is needed for the physical performance while purchasing nylon coil zippers with plastic stops, which include but are not limited to:

  •  holding strength of top stop

  •  crosswise chain strength

  •  insertion box slippage strength

  •  crosswise strength of separating units

One might end up buying zippers with low quality if not sourcing from a reliable manufacturer due to which the performance of the zippers fails to meet the expectation.

SBS is an established nylon coil zipper company in China and we have set up a special department mainly dedicated for the production of nylon coil zippers with plastic top and bottom stops. They are available in Gauge 3#, Gauge 4#, Gauge 5# and Gauge 7#. For other gauges, please consult with our salesperson before placing an order.

Installation Guideline

The sliders for nylon coil zippers with generic plastic top stops are mounted after the top stops are attached and they can be removed from one side. At the same time, the sliders for nylon coil zippers with tooth shaped plastic top stops cannot be mounted or removed after the top stops are installed, so they are mounted prior to the installation of the top stops. These tooth shaped plastic top stops are widely used in closed end zippers as well as in children wear.


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