The plastic zipper pulls are often preferred for the pockets and plackets of the outdoor sportswear and many more along with middle and high-end bags and luggage. They are further categorised depending on the manufacturing techniques, such as, injection moulding and drop moulding. Here are some of the tips to follow for using SBS plastic zipper pulls.

1. Select the proper zipper sliders

Plastic zipper pulls can be used for metal, nylon coil and plastic zipper sliders in different sizes, and flexibility with custom colours and shapes enables them to add a decorative touch.

But these pulls should be used together with the electroplated zipper sliders. Sometimes, coating layers of the spray-painted zipper sliders can peel off easily because of the collision against moulds in the injection moulding process, thus such kind of sliders are not a good choice.

2. Control colour adsorption

White and transparent plastic zipper pulls might absorb the colour fading from the dark fabrics, owning to the property of its material formation at that time of washing, although these zipper pulls have better resistance to wear and tear. Effective steps could be taken to avert the colour adsorption, though these pulls will become more vulnerable to wear and tear.

3. Do proper cleaning

It is preferable to avert spraying chemical agents used for getting rid of dirt, rust or oil stains at the time of manufacturing luggage, bags and garments onto the metal components to save them from oxidation and discolouration.

4. Ensure proper packaging and ironing

It is recommended to avert direct contact with plastic zipper pulls while ironing is done. The pulls can be out of shape and the characters on them can come off if the local overheating is done over them.

It is also necessary to avert packaging just after the ironing is done. Let the items dry thoroughly. It is must to crosscheck if the plastic bags for packaging are breathable so as to keep the metal components from oxidation & discolouration and protect the zipper teeth from corrosion & coming off.

5. Guarantee proper storage

Dry environment is recommended to store the items. Try averting corrosive and damp environment. Prolonged exposure to strong sunlight directly should also be avoided.

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