Zippers have been playing an indispensable role in our daily life because of their efficiency and functionality, not to mention the influence they have exerted on the fashion world. These accessories have been widely used for numerous applications across different industries, ranging from luggage, tents, bags, backpacks to apparel.

However, any zipper without an appropriate slider will become useless, irrespective of its aesthetic appeal or the utility function it serves. Many factors shall be kept in mind while you are selecting sliders for your zippers, such as zipper type, zipper size, fabric, application and many more.

SBS is a China zipper slider manufacturer and supplier and our sliders could be divided into 3 different categories, namely, coil zipper sliders, metal zipper sliders and plastic zipper sliders. Given below is a brief selection guide to the 3 types of sliders on the basis of zipper size as well as locking mechanism.


  •          Auto lock and non lock sliders can match with coil zippers in various sizes.

  •          Auto lock, non lock as well as pin lock sliders can match with coil zippers either with cord or without cord.

  •       Invisible sliders only work for invisible zippers (also referred to as concealed zippers) with tear-drop pulls because of their special design.


Coil Zipper Sliders


Metal Zipper Sliders


Auto lock and non lock sliders can match with metal zippers in various sizes.

Pin lock sliders which can be classified as semi-auto lock sliders are preferred for metal zippers in smaller sizes.


Plastic Zipper Sliders


  •          Auto lock and non lock sliders can match with plastic zippers in various sizes.

  •          Sliders for plastic zippers come in more varieties when compared with metal zippers.

Closed Vs Open Ended Zipper Sliders

Sliders for closed, open ended and 2 way open ended zippers differ from one another.


  •       Sliders for closed ended zippers have smaller and lower tape gap. This is particularly important to stop the teeth of bags and luggage zippers that are subjected to specific applications from disengaging while the zipper is closed. When the tape gap is larger, there are higher chances that both zipper halves will disengage along the chain.

  •    Sliders for open ended zippers need larger as well as higher tape gap to ensure that the pin can be inserted into the box in an easier way.

  •    The top stopper of sliders for 2 way open ended zippers goes comparatively deeper into their inner cavity.


SBS Zipper