Zipper is one of the awesome inventions by humans. It has made our lives easy and fast. Though small in size, these accessories are a boon for the textile and fashion industry, closing the opening while giving a classy look to your designer bags, swag jackets, backpacks, etc. They may not necessarily catch your attention but complete your creations.

It is advisable to have a basic understanding of the working of zippers to detect faults and get them repaired before much damage is caused. You need not have a technical degree to know about the quality of zippers. It is possible to identify faulty zippers with just your naked eyes.

You can find below few tips that will help you in zipping off the troubles at the very beginning of purchase.

Tape Fault

During bulk production, there are high chances of uneven dyeing. So, one has to be extremely careful while purchasing the tapes for zippers. You should also watch out for any unexpected stains resulting from poor color fastness.

Teeth Fault

Few of the teeth faults are crooked chains, missing teeth and mismeshed teeth. Also, in order to avoid any kind of hassle, check whether the surface of the teeth feels soft and smooth. This will smoothen the movement of the slider.

Slider Fault

There are chances that the coating may peel off the sliders. A slider whose painting layer has come off will ruin the ensemble effect of the item it is attached to. Check whether the slider feels smooth with evenly painted layer. Also, check whether the slider will slide off the zipper when you move it along the chain.

Pull Fault

Zipper pulls may break off during the manufacturing process due to mass production and the collision against one another. It will become hard to zip up when the pull breaks off. Although the pull can be easily replaced with rubber band, wire or key ring, it is just a temporary solution.

Stop Fault

Zippers shall have stops correctly installed, regardless of closed end or separating zippers. Check whether any top or bottom stop is missing.

Stuck Zipper

Finally, stuck zippers are the most annoying and can take the hell out of you. It gets worse if you are in a hurry. Cleaning and lubrication may help in removal of dirt obstructing the movement of zippers. However, it is highly recommended not to purchase a zipper that will get stuck when you are trying to slide up and down at the very beginning.

End Words

Someone has rightly said that a stitch in time saves nine. Problems can be prevented effectively if identified on time. Opting for high quality zippers can reduce your woes to quite a large extent.


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