Management is a set of composite functions that includes communication, a basic skill for effective functioning and success of an organisation. This process is becoming more complex with businesses turning global. Needs determine behaviour and body language and verbal communication determine the behavioural pattern.

Organisational culture can be improved by motivation, attitude and morale support in key areas. To make communication effective, care should be taken in developing the message using an appropriate medium by considering the receiver and the delivery environment. The discipline of organisational behaviour tries to synchronise internal organisational environment with external social environment. The urge to change ourselves is a continuous process with day-to-day business and experiences.

Communication Process

For the smooth functioning of an organisation, there is a formal network set up by the management for the flow of information. Technology has made communication simple, effective and faster. The communication process can take any of the following forms:

1. Transmission Model: This model enables us to understand communication in terms of information transmitted from a sender to a receiver.


2. Reciprocal Model: Information is simultaneously shared by many persons in this model.