Investing in building a presence on social media is a strategy many smaller brands have adopted successfully. But few have created a completely thought-out structure that is designed to take a viewer from interest and sharing through the journey to purchase. Being Human has proven this successfully with its omni-channel strategy. This is now a must-do if smaller brands want to continuously attract and build customer base for the long term.

Another critical area is customer relationship management (CRM). Technology is now widespread and common enough for brands to find niche solutions. These are relatively low cost, yet yield great returns when used judiciously. Limeroad's email strategy focuses on this aspect, bringing curated lists of viewed products back to the visitor's mailbox for possible conversion to purchase.

An integrated approach towards the business using some or all of the above means that fashion brands have to move beyond the realm of design and into technology, but the transition is one that will keep your brands alive and well even in the face of competition.