So while on one hand, the growth of social media has spurred the growth of fashion, it has also created a larger problem that needs to be tackled urgently. Sustainable fashion needs to be supported to counter the impact of fast fashion arising out of the growth of social media, and the best way to drive awareness about the problem is through the very medium that helped create it. Educating customers about the need to adopt sustainable practices, recycle clothing and wear it for longer, as well as look at ways to restyle their existing wardrobe is a priority and it can be driven by the industry, given the reach and impact it has on customers. Prominent fashion brands, designers and retail chains can help support this effort through the use of their own social media voice as well as that of their followers.

It is easy to conclude that social media for fashion is a double-edged sword. But even after the long term impact is considered, it still represents a significant catalyst for the growth of the industry, and can be one for the nurturing of the industry as well. With the use of social media platforms, new designers and talent are being discovered every day across continents, new ideas are being shared and a truly global fashion outlook has developed. This will help fashion reach every segment of the population in the long run.