IIGM striving to help India become the world's premium sourcing destination India is currently positioned as the fifth largest apparel exporter in the world, with exports topping at $17 billion in 2017. According to some of the largest buying houses in the world, India as a sourcing destination has some serious threats confronting its growth as a global sourcing destination for apparel. One of the major threats is the non-conformity to international compliance on manufacturing practices and building infrastructure housing numerous workers. International compliance is broadly categorised under fire and safety; energy efficiency; water conservation; human resource welfare; product and consumer safety and data protection. Leadership in Energy Environmental Design (LEED) is the most widely accepted and globally recognised certification body. LEED encourages and accelerates global adoption of sustainable green building and development practices through the creation and implementation of universally understood and accepted standards, tools and performance criteria.

IIGM Private Limited is one the largest supplier of industrial garment machinery in India, offering cutting edge technologies from some of the best brands in the world. IIGM has collaborated with leading sustainable technology players in the world, so as to bring these practices into India. Their sustainable infrastructure product solutions help manufacturers achieve LEED certification for their industrial structures. These include electrical busbar distribution systems from EAE, Turkey; evaporative-cooling products (Cool Breeze) from Air Group, Australia; skylights and day-lighting systems from Skyco, US; and industrial HVLS (high volume low speed) fans from Macro Air, US. The focus of the infrastructure division is to reduce the amount of energy that is consumed in the form of heat, light, cooling and ventilation required in industrial manufacturing structures.

EAE busbar power distribution systems

EAE is one of the world's largest manufacturers of electrical power distribution systems and busbars. IIGM is the sole distributor for EAE in India and has executed more than 1,100 projects in the last 15 years ranging from 25amps up to 6300amps in several industries from apparel & textile, automotive, hospitals, hotels, IT & data centres, metros and highrise buildings. Some of renowned organisations that have installed EAE electrical systems include the Brigade World Trade Centre (WTC) Bangalore, Maruti Suzuki, Conrad Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, DMRC (Delhi Metro), Oberoi Reality, Dawn Mills, Page Industries Shahi Exports, Arvind Mills, Ambattur Clothing and many more.


Within busbar power distribution systems, EAE's most common product is the E-Line busbar. Through the E-Line busbar, it is possible to make alterations in layouts, addition of machineries and provision of power at various points can also be achieved without disrupting the operational areas of the facility. The E-Line busbar does not need any special maintenance and reduces installation costs. A garment factory that is equipped with busbars rather than traditional cable trays is fire compliant and has a modern outlook that allows users to focus on their core manufacturing. Most importantly, it increases personnel safety and its reliable design is modular in nature (can be reusable) giving it a much longer life in the industrial space. Some other products are the E-Line KAP, KAM and KX compact busbars. The KX has a 'Sandwich-Compact' structure and is mainly used for vertical or horizontal distribution and transmission of power for highampere applications, such as, from the transformer to panel board and the diesel generator to panel board. Among several advantages, the KX Compact busbar has high short-circuit endurance and also low voltage drop in comparison to cable systems and has the flexibility to be dismantled and fixed as per factory production requirements. The E-Line KAM/KAP is also a small power range busbar system, which meets the electricity needs of small enterprises in which sewing machines, small machines or hand and machine tools have been installed. The system offers quick, easy and reliable mounting, while the tap-off plugs and boxes are designed to prevent improper use of busbars. The E-Line KAM is also designed to feed electricity to lighting fixtures above the production lines. The E-Line KAM has ease of product design, offers quick, easy and reliable mounting and has plugs with phase indication and a robust construction. EAE Trolley busbar systems are designed to supply electricity to moving machines. The EAE Trolley busbar's brushed (carboniferous) current reception car is mechanically connected to the machine, thereby providing uninterrupted power transmission to the moving machine.

Air Group's Cool Breeze (evaporativecooling solutions), Australia

Air Group manufactures evaporative coolers that use water vapour for cooling and do not produce greenhouse gasses, unlike the traditional air-conditioning technology, thereby reducing electrical power consumption dramatically. The main product line from Air Group is Cool Breeze which gives cool and dry air which runs at a low cost for industrial units and businesses. Cool Breeze systems are equipped with 100mm thick cooling pads, which ensure an even and unrestricted airflow though the filters. It has a robust powder coated steel frame and construction is of polymer, which is resistant to rust. The entire construction of the Cool Breeze units does not use any metallic components making the equipment rust proof for the entire duration of its working life span. The system has low maintenance costs and is designed for quiet operation.

Skyco Skylights (day-lighting systems), US

Skyco Skylights has over 150 years of combined technical expertise in designing and manufacturing of industrial and residential skylights. The Skyco Skylight team has utilised its experience in developing new and innovative day-lighting solutions as well as on enhancing and improving existing skylight technologies to deliver higher performance at economical prices. The skylight is placed on the roof of an industrial facility (occupying approximately 3 per cent of the total roofing area) to allow diffused sunlight to pass through it, while not allowing the heat of the sun to transfer into the structure. Skyco Skylights provide high LUX levels of diffused light into industrial structures and therefore replace artificial lighting and no electricity bills for lighting factories during the daytime. Skyco also provides a 10-year warranty on its products from breakage, leakage and yellowing of the Skylights. Skyco has achieved the highest performing aluminium framed skylight unit in the market that is even used in Apple's new Cupertino Head Quarters!

MacroAir (HVLS fans), US

MacroAir is the inventory of the 'highvolume low-speed' (HVLS) fans in the World. MacroAir creates comfortable climates in industrial facilities in a more cost-effective and energy efficient way than traditional fans and HVAC systems. For industrial facilities with high ceiling and large built-up areas, Macro Air HVLS fans offer a very cost-effective solution in climate controlling vis-a-vis HVAC equipment. Macro Air HVLS fans effectively reduce shop floor temperature by 3-5 degrees centigrade. The constant air circulation also reduces moisture, thereby minimising damage of products or equipment through moisture deposit. This industrial HVLS technology uses gearless servo motors and is the lightest and the lowest energy consuming HVLS fan in the Indian market. The products come with a 50,000-hour warranty allowing for a lifetime maintenance usage.

IIGM is striving to help India (manufacturers) become the world's premium sourcing destination with respect to product quality and follow international regulation and compliance standards. IIGM has completed multiple projects across India in the past 36 months and is amongst the most reliable partner to implement this cutting-edge technology in India.