Are you tired of seeing your fashion business not reaching its full potential because of:

  • Disparate or outdated IT systems?

  • Time-consuming double data entries?

  • Error-prone and slow manual tasks?

  • Overly complex workflows?

  • Lack of information and collaboration between departments?

What if you could streamline and optimise your business with a single software solution developed for your industry?

Fashion ERP System. Refined since 1990

TRIMIT Fashion is an integrated software solution that helps apparel companies successfully manage their business - from design to delivery.

With TRIMIT Fashion, you don't have to worry about disconnected IT systems, double work etc. It helps you optimise your business and enhance efficiency by connecting people, processes, and information across departments, locations, and trade partners.

TRIMIT Fashion is built on the solid foundation Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This means that you get the power and familiarity of a world-renowned ERP system - with fashion-specific functionality developed and refined since 1990 in close collaboration with the fashion industry.

With Trimit Fashion you will…

Exceed customer expectations

If you improve customer service, you automatically boost revenue and retention. The single solution TRIMIT Fashion puts an end to the nightmare of disparate Excel sheets and the eternal threat of miscommunication. With "one version of the truth" interdepartmental workflows are optimised and buyers also receive real time information about variants, across channels without discrepancies.