The cotton industry in Mexico is booming and has reached its best since 1970. And, this rise has negatively impacted US cotton exports to Mexico. A Fibre2Fashion report.

Mexico is a major importer of value-added cotton yarn from the United States (US) as compared to the raw cotton fibre from that country. But then, raw cotton plays an important role for the cotton textiles business in the country as domestic production in Mexico is not enough to meet its own demand as a result of adverse weather conditions.

The Global Agricultural Information Network report released by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently pointed out that the rise in cotton production in Mexico from 2017 to 2019 has reduced the demand for US cotton. Concurrently, the cotton boom in Mexico has boosted it exports to the highest point in the last three decades, with China as the major importer in 2018.

According to Cotton Incorporated (non-profit organisation funded by cotton growers in the US), comfort, sustainability, durability, quality, affordable price and natural clothing determine the choice of Mexican textile consumers, and hence cotton-rich clothing is a perfect choice for them. Consequently, the cotton business accounts for the major part of Mexican textile business, and US cotton is preferred in the country. Strong promotional campaigns along with the presence of well-known US and European brands ensure Mexico a leading position in Latin America.

A Rise in Production

Source: TexPro