Finding the perfect summer style is difficult, but it can be even harder to find a pair of shorts that you feel comfortable and confident in. With several amazing choices, you can find your ideal pair whether you are shopping online or browsing store shelves. We are going to give you the best shorts styles to choose from this year.

Festival ready

When travelling to a festival, you want the most relaxed look possible and for this reason, the booty shorts is highly popular, particularly during warm weather. These shorts are typically worn alongside crop top or other designer clothes to create a look that is practical as well as versatile. This is particularly important if you are camping, as these shorts can be worn for multiple days in a row alongside a few T-shirts, reducing the amount that you need to pack in your suitcase.

Relaxed boyfriend shorts

If you are just lounging around the house or trying to beat the heat when running some errands, a boyfriend shorts may be the perfect option. These can easily be paired with a plain T-shirt and flip-flops for lounging around the house as well as spending time with the kids at the park. In addition to this, they are also perfect for a summer holiday, exploring some of the world's most famous cities as these can be paired with trainers or sandals to accommodate any event, allowing you to feel comfortable and look great despite the heat.

Knee-length shorts

If you want shorts that are slightly longer, then the knee-length shorts is the perfect option. Also known as mum shorts, their simple design comes just above the knee, giving you the protection you want from the sun. These can be purchased from several retailers at a range of prices, allowing you to style them any way that you please. This versatile item is perfect when the weather begins to heat up, giving you the confidence that you need with every event you attend.

Pedal pusher shorts

The final shorts that are worth your investment in 2019 are the pedal pusher shorts. Unlike those listed above, the pedal pushers fall below the knee, as the name originates from the 1950s and 60s when the style was particularly popular with cyclists as they were typically skin-tight and therefore did not get stuck in the bike chain. However, as the years progressed, this style became associated with teenage girls and younger age groups as general everyday wear.

These are ideal for those who spend their time doing activities like gardening as they will not get dirty or caught in machinery.

With this in mind, there is a style of shorts to suit all body types without the need to compromise on your individual fashion choice. Where will you find your go-to summer shorts this year?