Through the last decade, Global Cellulosic Fiber Market has witnessed continuous growth especially viscose which has shown strong growth at 6-7% (>2X overall fiber growth).

Based on the superior properties, viscose along with other cellulosic (speciality) fibers like Modal/MicroModal, Dyed, Excel (Lyocell) are expected to emerge as the preferred fiber choices for different end consumer applications including apparels & home textiles.

Over the next decade, Global Demand for Viscose fiber is projected to grow faster at 7-8%, while Specialty Fibers like Modal/MicroModal, Dyed, Excel (Lyocell) expected to grow even faster.

Some of the key factors which shall drive above growth are rising prosperity, rapid urbanisation, burgeoning middle class and higher disposable income along with consumer preference for soft, comfortable, fashionable & biodegradable products.


Discover a Fibre Synonymous with Softness & Comfort

Birla Modal is a premium specialty fiber that offers superior softness. With its sheen, smoothness & breathability, it's one of the most recommended fibers by the top brands & retailers globally. It's a nature based fiber made from wood sourced from Canadian Birchwood trees.