Textile and Apparel stakeholders across the globe are usually at a loss of information pertaining to their sector considering the complicated dynamics of the Textile and Apparel supply chain.

Google, of course, is the answer but the information is so scattered that knowledge acquisition becomes a time consuming tedious activity. And as they say, “Time is Money”. The top-level management takes feedback from their team as they themselves do not have enough time to go through everything. But the difference between information grasped by the team, and that communicated to the management has some serious gaps. TexPro is one product that can fit in all these challenges.

How Does TexPro Help?

It provides access to all the possible information that an industry stakeholder would be interested in. May it be sourcing information, raw material prices, export-import data, tariff details, the presence of Non-tariff barriers, trade agreements, events, news & articles at a single platform on just a click. It is an ideal tool for decision makers to decide on their business strategies.

How Frequently Is the Information in TexPro Updated?

For certain sections, it is daily/weekly and for the rest it is annual. The data update date is also visible alongside the data.

1.         Raw material Prices

2.         Global Export-Import data

3.         Tariff rates

4.         Non-Tariff Barriers

5.         Trade Agreements

6.         Country Profiles

7.         Published Reports

8.         Indian government notifications

9.         Events

10.         News

11.         Articles

How Is TexPro Different from Existing Knowledge Providers?

The idea behind bringing TexPro to existence, is the fact that we intend to provide a single platform providing aggregation of all the possible knowledge/information required for a decision maker at one place. So, whether the decision maker needs inputs for sourcing efficiently or expanding into a new

export destination, to study the local market or keep himself aware of all the latest happenings in the world, he can just login into TexPro and look for all kinds of information pertaining to the Textile & Apparel sector.

Raw material prices will keep him aware of regular changes in the textile feedstock, fibre & yarn market which ultimately influences the entire value chain.

Global export-import data will help him analyze the dynamics of international trade, the volume & value of export-import happening and its trend over the years. In addition, the information on Tariff & Non-Tariff barriers will help him understand the potential viability and risk of the plans made.

Trade agreements will give an overall understanding of the preferential nature between countries and how can it be best tapped. Country Profile documents will help understand the status of Textile & Apparel industries in these countries.

Published reports will present a 360-degree outlook to various sectors of the Textile & Apparel industry. Events, News & Articles will give updates on the latest happenings in the Textile & Apparel sector.

And that’s not all, TexPro gives you Live chat facility to solve your queries there & then. Subscribe to TexPro today and stay ahead in the market.