By: Kate Smith

Prom is a significant event in the life of every high school student. It is equivalent to walking down the red carpet premier fashion show or maybe the Oscars. Everybody wants to look their ravishing best. But, finally we end up in sheer disappointment.
We begin to plan weeks in advance. Engage the best beauticians and buy the best accessories available. Yet on the big evening we wear an unsatisfactory look on our face before the mirror and are forced to unhappily walk into the prom dejected in embarrassing mediocre looks.

Then, what went wrong? You turned more heads when you walked in to the classroom with minimal make up or none at times.

Well, many specialists believe the secret lies here. We end up putting extra efforts in looking more beautiful than we are and lose focus of our strengths and subconsciously sideline our strong features.

Our dress or gown plays a significant role in enhancing our looks. A good fit is always the key. Make it a point to even check-out the dresses that you think you would not wear. It may turn to be the best fit you could ever find. But, make sure you prioritize your personal style and taste while doing so, cautions Wendy, a fashion enthusiast. It is very important to first ascertain your level of comfort in wearing a particular design i.e Long or short? Ball gown-style skirt or slim and straight? Slit or no slit? one-piece dress or are you comfortable in a belly-baring, two-piece ensemble? Covered arms or sleeveless? Plunging neckline or modest? Sequins, embroidery, or beads? She reiterates that if your comfort level is low so will be your confidence and looks.

The same is true while selecting colours asserts Sharon, a promising among fashion aficionados. She further adds, If you dont like the colour or if youre not comfortable in that particular colour, its prone to reflect in the way you carry that dress and your confidence level.

Some colours make a great wear, esp. black. pastels like lavender and pastel pink are the popular colours for the prom. Besides, you can also display your patriotism in red and blue. Heavy accessories help to capture attention. But, a word of caution! Donot overdo it. Avoid oversized prints, sparkling dress, lots of jewels, too bare ensemble, painful heelsall add to ruin your evening.

Dont be afraid to experiment with accessories if you find your dress is simple and understated. Carry heavy accessories like large handbags, bold and big jewelleries or dark scarves etc for that complimenting look.

With a boat or halter neckline, forgo the necklace and don pretty earrings, bracelets, and/or rings. With a strapless or skinny-strap style, you can go with a simple choker or drop necklace. A deep V neck is stunning with a long plunging lariat or short delicate choker.

Shoes also play a pivotal role in magnifying the aura of your dress. Heels look great but flats are better alternatives for comfort. Metallic-colored shoes in silver or gold pretty much go with any color (red with gold, lavender with silver, bright pink with silver, et cetera) and are always easy to accessorize with. However, certain gowns must be matched with a specific type of shoes only. For short dresses you could flaunt medium, low or high heels, while you could smoothly glide into the hearts of boyz with open-toe sling backs or stilettos if you are wearing a floor-grazing gown.

Always make it a point to coordinate with your date the colours and details of what you are wearing. This will give both of you an upper edge in sporting that complementing looks.

In short, a small planning and rational approach in selecting your attire will take you to a long way in looking your charming best. This will not only ensure that you dont go over-board and end-up looking embarrassing, but will also help you save the unpleasant heartburn of overshooting budgets.

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