Sri Lanka's MAS Holdings, one of South Asia's largest design-to-delivery apparel solutions providers, has unveiled its latest venture, Runway Kit, to democratise manufacturing and help fashion start-ups and medium-scale brands to get easy access to the supply chain.

Runway Kit was brought to fruition with fashion designers and entrepreneurs in mind. With low minimum order quantities (MOQ) and an intuitive user-friendly digital platform that connects each customer with a talented and dedicated team of expert manufacturers, it is built to make the process of getting designs on to shelves and getting ready for retail as seamless as possible.

Runway Kit knows what it is like to struggle to compete with big brands in activewear and swimwear. No matter how stellar your design is, small to mid-size start-ups struggle to establish themselves in a market that is saturated with big powerhouses that maintain an oligopoly in the market.

Runway Kit is an all-in-one digital platform with all the tools to let you thrive. By leveraging only what you need, the entire design-to-manufacturing process is streamlined to help you start your fashion label. At present, the platform supports sample making and manufacturing of swimwear and activewear with plans to move on to intimatewear very soon.

Democratisation of apparel manufacturing

MAS Holdings possesses over 30 years of experience in producing for the world's leading intimate, active and leisurewear brands. It is a technology-backed, design-driven and an ethically minded company making the same quality and craftsmanship accessible to entrepreneurs, designers and start-ups. The business understands that choice matters, which is why the platform offers three comprehensive packages to suit almost every need.

Ready styles package: Got a vision in mind of how you want to visualise your collection but unsure about how to match styles to fabrics? Or perhaps you don't have a design background but are passionate about creating an all-encompassing masterpiece? The Ready Styles package allows you to pick from a number of highly researched and trending styles by expert design and technical teams. Pick the design, the fabric-sustainable or regular, the colour or even choose to have your own print and brand logo. When you choose this package, you receive tech specifications of the product of your selection, the fabric swatches and a physical sample so you have all the details of the output. This package is the fastest way to get your product to market with a starting price of $299, which includes worldwide shipping.

Sample making package: You have got a great design in mind along with all the technical specifications and are looking for a manufacturing team that will materialise that. Sounds like you? This package is your calling.

Runway Kit's always-available manufacturing and technical consultants will liaise with you via the online messaging board on the platform to perfect your design. So no matter where you are in the world, it is the Runway Kit's promise to take the journey with you and minimise any holdbacks. This package comes with two virtual sampling rounds before shipping the final physical sample. With the first two rounds of virtual sampling, you can get to every single change you want to make. Just as the earlier package, this comes with all tech spec information and relevant fabric swatches. The package starts at $599, including worldwide shipping.

Manufacturing package: If you have passed all the previous stages and what you are looking for is a team of manufacturers who will give your piece(s) life, this is the package for you. Get your designs manufactured in bulk with low minimum order quantity (MOQ). The minimum for swimwear is 100 pieces per style with a per colour MOQ of 25 pieces. For activewear, the MOQ is 300 pieces per style. For both swimwear and activewear, you have free reign to choose the sizing break down within the order quantity. The cost for this package is calculated on a per order basis and on resource requirements.

Each package and price tag in Runway Kit comes with numerous value additions like complete manufacturing guidance and expertise, technical documents and swatches. At present, production is undertaken by MAS' own factories for Runway Kit orders. In the coming months, as the business grows, the team intends to bring on board other manufacturers who pass their strict vetting process and show commitment to sustainability.

All this is keeping in line with MAS' larger vision for Runway Kit; to democratise the manufacturing process for smaller brands and give you accessibility to the entire supply chain and the freedom to pick and choose your manufacturer.

A Promise for Sustainability

Some of the best aspects of Runway Kit are those you cannot see, and that is our commitment to sustainability-not just sustainable sourcing, but social sustainability and corporate governance. As a global employer, MAS opens doors to every team member: women, men, persons with disabilities and everyone in between. Being a fair-wage employer, the company celebrates each and every effort put into realising your designs.

The business goals are far reaching than just manufacturing best-in-class, close-to-skin apparel. It also centres around renewable energy, ethical supply chains, going local with production, being zero toxic, consuming less water and upcycling raw material. So when you get your hands on the final product, it has touched the lives of countless men and women and that the earth itself has flourished with your partnership with Runway Kit.