People from every business visit trade shows and exhibitions to collect information and knowledge of various topics. People walk into the area, meet the exhibitors, exchange knowledge, and network with them. Both the exhibitors and attendees found trade shows decent and worth time investing. 

On the other hand, attendees might miss on some booths as they've limited time to explore numerous worlds altogether. Most of the time, attendees are searching for booths and wondering where to get started and how. 

No more chaos!

Virtual trade shows have already started bridging the gap between the exhibitors and the visitors. These trade shows are digitally designed to bring events, trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions to the exhibitors and attendees instead of them visiting. 

In the time of pandemic where traditional trade shows might cause loss of lives, virtual trade shows are doing the job better. Virtual trade shows allow attendees to attend events from the convenience of a computer, laptop, phone, or tablet without traveling anywhere. 

The world is going digital, and so are the events and exhibitions. 

According to WorkCast, 60 percent of organizers say that virtual events and trade shows deliver more leads than physical events. - Click to Tweet


Here's a list of platforms organizing virtual trade shows.

F2F Sourcing Show

F2F sourcing show is a virtual trade show platform for apparel and textile businesses to strengthen the networking among global buyers, manufacturers, and suppliers with a virtual ecosystem. The platforms provide a real-time experience where attendees can visit the exhibitor's booth to get information about the company's product. Attendees can talk to representatives and can get the digital catalog. 

F2F sourcing is designed to provide every information one would expect out of any traditional trade show using laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. For both attendees and exhibitors, a virtual experience is just a click away. 


INXPO is a virtual trade show platform which has been live streaming for a long time. INXPO has amazing elements such as keynotes and breakout sessions to improve the experience of attendees. The virtual platform also offers watch-on-demand. 

INXPO includes virtual booths feature where exhibitors are listed, and attendees can visit them on a click. The platform also assists attendees by providing them with enough relevant material such as case studies, e-brochure, and other content that appears on the new webpage. 


6Connex is a virtual trade show platform designed dedicatedly for trade shows, job fairs, and summits. The platform offers "Sims," which means attendees feel like walking in the numerous environments of a convention center. 

6Connex allows the exhibit booth to appear as an image on the screen, although it can be customized. Also, it includes brand information, resources, and other branding

material in their booth. Exhibitors provide information to attendees by downloading pre-recorded product demo videos, while on-demand interactions are limited.

Map Your Show

Map your show is a virtual trade show designed to manage events and conferences virtually. The virtual event platform allows exhibitors to organize live events to connect their potential visitors. The platform provides an exhibitor list to visitors through which they can reach a particular listing or exhibitor's category. 

Attendees can find more information about the exhibitor on each exhibitor page, which links their company's website for more details. Moreover, the attendees can also access the promo video, brochure, and other conference relations sessions and marketing materials.


Communique is a virtual trade show platform that provides "entre the lobby, upload your banner" type of experience. The virtual event host allows the visitors to move around and access different locations that can be customized and designed depending on the needs and demands of an event.


Communique allows their attendees to experience a different environment through the navigation at the bottom of the screen. The platform is known for its non-promotional high-value content. Attendees can entre a virtual booth and consume varieties of material in the form of video, audio, and group chats with other attendees. 


GTR is a Virtual trade show platform that also aims to combine networking and webinars. GTR gives more of a website feel as it has various tabs named as - schedule, exhibitors, and sponsors. GTR is known for real-time meetups, a fantastic feature for a one-on-one discussion between attendees and exhibitors. 

GTR has a searchable directory to search for people to connect and network with them. The platform can also create a custom landing page for exhibitors and sponsors and provide the company's introduction and other relevant information. 


VFair is a virtual trade show platform designed for conferences, job fairs, and trade shows. The platform offers customized booths for attendees to visit in a virtual trade show.  

Exhibitors at vFair offer content in the forms of videos and presentations that attendees can view and download. The platform also offers attendees the chat functions to interact with exhibitors in real-time through text, audio, and video. 

Also, VFair offers group chats with multiple buyers to encourage engagement and networking. 


All these virtual trade show platforms are doing amazing with their unique features. Over the period, the virtual trade shows have gained immense popularity. However, the growth has been slow compared to traditional events, exhibitions, and trade shows. 

In the era of technology, both exhibitors and attendees choose virtual trade shows over the traditional ones. 

If you come from the apparel and textile business and couldn't manage to attend any event due to lockdown. Then, register now to grab the opportunities with virtual trade shows.