A global view on sustainability.

Some governments acknowledge the efforts by our industry to become more sustainable but feel that progress is too slow. Indeed, sometimes legislations can help to stimulate companies to be more active. Within the Green Deal by the new European Commission, it is expected that it will press for due diligence legislation in the months to come. This legislation would require by law not only manufacturers but also brands and retailers to demonstrate what they do to improve social and environmental performance. Buyers must do more than simply ask their suppliers to solve the problems. The IAF has been quick to recognise the global significance of this framework and joined the OECD Advisory Board on due diligence for apparel and textile supply chains from its start.

The Commission is also serious about building a standard European system of product environmental footprint (PEF) calculation. If this becomes law, any company making a claim about the environmental footprint of a clothing product in the EU must follow this method of calculation. This would make it easier to ask a premium price for products with a smaller environmental footprint. Consumers will trust the claims. A broad coalition of large brands and retailers, the SAC and industry associations, including Euratex (European Apparel and Textile Confederation) and the IAF are involved. It could offer a blueprint for a global approach.

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