A list of best men's suits for every budget and occasion

Fashion is timeless. We dress up for different occasions according to our mood. Our dressing sense says a lot about who we are and it is often found that people make quick judgments about our personality from the clothes that we wear.

One of the givens is that women have more choices when it comes to outfits for different occasions than men. But always this is not the case. Men do have a lot of choices too.

Whether it is for a wedding, cocktail party, work, or even college farewell, a good suit in the wardrobe is a primary necessity for every man. A suit is an outfit that can make you look classier and attractive. And what if we get such classy suits at budget prices? That will surely be the cherry on the cake. Apart from finding the suit at the best affordable price, it is also important to consider factors like quality, comfort, material, value for money, fit and occasion while you are looking for the best suit.

Here we have jotted down a list of wider selection of best men's suits to choose from that will be perfect for every budget and occasion:

Red wine tuxedo suit with bootcut trouser

This suit is a sure-shot winner in terms of its style and getting all the attention. Whether it is your wedding or you have your best man's wedding to attend, this suit with bootcut trouser is your saviour. It is stylish yet comfortable and you can wear it all day and is surely a value for money outfit. The bootcut trouser will give you a slim fit and make your look tall.

Classic two-piece black suit

The classic two-piece black suit is a must-have in your wardrobe. This all-rounder suit is perfect for the office and work-related dinner parties. Paired up with a white shirt and a tie, this suit is worth the investment and is flattering for all body types. You can even ditch the coat at times by only wearing the shirt and trousers and man you will be all set to rock.

Designer slim fit blazer

If you enjoy standing out in a crowd, then the designer slim fit blazer is just perfect for you. Whether you have to attend a wedding party, graduation party, or are just going out on a dinner date with your better half, then you may want to take a look at this elegant-looking and amazingly stylish designer blazer. Teamed with a contrasting colour trouser and shirt, the look will surely make all heads turn.

Striped blazer

Striped blazers are evergreen and designed for the man on the go. The lapel-collar neck, long buttoned sleeves and welt pockets teamed with matching or contrasting trousers will make you look fashionable and sophisticated at the same time and is apt for different occasion dressing.

Linen neutral colour outfit

If you are looking for something voguish and funky, the linen neutral colour suit should be your choice. Pairing up with a contrasting hue round neck T-shirt and sneakers, the outfit is a welcome change from the typical ones you would find.

Floral print blazer

Gone are the days when floral prints were considered to be just for women only. Today, men are also seen embracing floral prints with much more elegance. The floral print blazer teamed up with a solid colour waist jacket and trousers will elevate your overall attire. Stand out in the crowd by breaking the monotony with this look.