Tips for a sassy, classy look for big events with just a sari for company!

The mysterious, intriguing and beautiful six yards from India – the sari – captivates one and all. Ordinary women tap into the sheer potential of an elegant sari as they transform into divas on special occasions, mysteriously alluring muses for artists and stunning onlookers with their pizzazz. While western influences on India remain aplenty for all good reasons, the sari remains the first love for most women even today. Jeans, dresses, tops, shorts and other western attire are super comfortable, stylish and trendy, but every Indian woman loves her sari so much so that she usually aspires to maintain her own tastefully chosen collection spanning materials, timelines and even legacies.

Versatile draping styles of the sari lend class and sass in equal measure when you are dressing up for a special occasion or your next big event. This can cover a melange of mood boards ranging from contemporary to retro, spanning a wider canvas with regard to the prints, fabrics, lengths and colours which are a major talking point amongst women who have increasingly become fashion conscious in today’s times. From dressing up in a sleek black chiffon sari to work or even flaunting a heavier brocade to a special event, the draping style is what will eventually appeal to onlookers.

Not everyone drapes the sari the same way. Cultures and traditions also define various draping styles like Maharashtrian, Bengali and Gujarati. All have their unique styles. Let’s try to make a difference in the usual draping styles and be ready to rock the world. Just a word of caution. While choosing any style tip, ensure that it fits your body type.

Tip 1: Pairing it with a high neck blouse

When you do a simple pleated drape and pair it with a high neck blouse, your elegance quotient will go up several notches.

Tip 2: Use a double pallu style

You can draw inspiration from double pallu saris worn by the likes of film star Sonam Kapoor and other celebrities that can help you fuse the right amount of sass and class into your look. These saris are ideal for attending engagements, weddings and other such formal events in the family. Double pallu saris help in building that multi-dimensional, layered and slightly quirky impact, which will make you stand out from the rest with ease. You can opt for flowing and floral dupattas for complementing the second pallu with your silk or chiffon sari. You may also choose a richly contrasting pallu in colours like emerald green or red for that edgier look.

Tip 3: The pioneering gown-saris of today

If you are not into impeccably pleating and draping your sari, then you should try and check out the innovatively styled gown-sari. How is this possible? Simple! You only have to purchase a sari which is pre-stitched. Just drop the pleats and fuse trendy silhouettes with conventional saris for setting a new standard altogether with your look! Looking for inspiration? Google Shilpa Shetty and her gown-sari for major doses of it.

Tip 4: Corset dhoti and blouse styles

Corset blouses and dhoti-based styles are hugely trending in recent times for the perfect mix of elegance and sass at the same time. You can add these into your look for an instant glamour rush. Pair your sleeveless corset blouse with a metallic saree while wearing the pallu in the manner of a scarf. This will be a fabulous look to flaunt for cocktails and other parties.

Tip 5: Throw on a jacket over your saree

Recent trends also show that jackets can be thrown over saris for a spectacular effect. You can simply wear a denim jacket over your sari and bowl over everyone in style! You can also choose long velvet jackets with embroidery with your kanjeevaram for any wedding or fashionable event. This is probably the simplest class-sass hack of all.

Tip 6: Jewellery studded belts may work wonders

Bejewelled belts are all the rage of late. If you wish to steer clear of any undue experimentation with the conventional look of a sari, simply pair up your latest shimmery or standout belt. Belts with pearls and kundans are even being chosen by brides these days for glamming up their appearance on their special days.

These tips will help you drape your sari with elan. Ultimately it is all about finding the right complement to your personality and harnessing that appeal into something that wows one and all.