Choosing the right footwear for your outfit is crucial for any stylisation. Gentlemen looking for the perfect combination should pay attention to men's chelsea boots, which remain fashionable for many years. What is the best design and how to choose it?

We owe the popularity of men's chelsea boot to Queen Victoria herself, who contributed to the fame of this design among both men and women. As far as gentlemen are concerned, however, the real craze for chelsea boots can be attributed to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, whose members proudly prance in these extraordinarily stylish boots.

Chelsea boots, classic and elegant

Men's chelsea boots are distinguished by the comfort of wearing, thanks to which they can be combined with different outfits. Most often, however, they are associated with timeless and universal classics, which will always work in elegant stylisation. The most popular are the leather models, which fit most formal outfits. It is worth remembering that these shoes have a higher upper, so it is best to wear them on cold days, especially in autumn or mild winter.

The minimalist form of the men's chelsea boots makes them suitable to be combined with elegant fabric pants, a classic jacket and a shirt. This is one of the most popular styles in which this design plays a major role. When dressed in this way, you can go to work in the office or to a business meeting. The cut of men's chelsea boots also allows you to put them on with a suit and pants with a crease. They will look perfect in combination with a two-row coat. As far as colours are concerned, it is better to avoid multi-colour combinations, and bet on subdued colours, such as blacks and browns. For elegant stylisation it is best to choose shoes made of natural or suede leather.

Creating a whole look can be expensive, so if you want to look fashionable and don't spend all your money, be sure to check out the special offers. You can buy boots on sale. Look for clothes at good prices in outlets and post-season sales.

Men's chelsea boots in urban style

Gentlemen who do not feel good in a shirt and tie should choose an urban style. It is distinguished by its convenience and practicality. Here you can afford for a little more casualness. With men's black chelsea boots, you should choose dark-coloured jeans and sweaters with turtlenecks. On colder days a checkered coat will be a perfect complement. Accessories also play an important role, so you can include a black briefcase, which will gently enhance the character of the whole image. Such an outfit looks great at work as well as during a meeting with friends.

Urban style is characterised by freedom, so you do not have to stick rigidly to the black colour of your shoes. You can change them to models with shades of brown and gray, which are worth matching with chinos in a similar colour. Pants with this design have a simple cut, so you can match them with both sports t-shirts and long-sleeved shirts. They will be suitable for leather models or those made of a combination of two materials, such as suede and natural leather. If you are looking for the best footwear for yourself, check out the offer of Marc Nolan brand, which provides a wide range of men's chelsea boots.

Bold stylisation

Stylisation with men's chelsea boots in the main role is not only about elegance and urban chic. It can also be a bold and daredevil combination. If you have a rebellious soul, be sure to wear black chelsea boots decorated with buckles, diamantes, belts or studs. Match them with dark jeans with a slightly rolled up leg, a t-shirt with the logo of your favourite band or a turtleneck in a brick colour. The necessary accessories will include dark socks and a Ramones leather jacket, which you can replace with a grunge-style denim jacket. This style will surely make you feel like a real rock star. For this outfit it is recommended to wear shoes made of natural suede, which look less official and business-like.

The daring image will also work well during a date. Men's chelsea boots are always a good choice that will emphasise your character. If you want to look stylish, but also original, choose the chelsea boots in combination with black skinny jeans and cardigan. Such a stylisation will never be boring and will make you feel free and comfortable. Men's chelsea boots can also be combined with a sports style jacket or a cool black and white checkered trench coat. If you decide on brown models, they will fit perfectly into dark, straight pants. Then choose a shirt in light colours, and as a complement to the stylisation, wear a quilted jacket in khaki.